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Technical requirements


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Whom may I contact for technical problems or problems with the login?

For any technical question about e-learning and physiofortbildung please contact the Thieme support. Contact by email: helpdesk@thieme.de or by phone: 0711-8931 420.
(Monday to Thursday: From 09:00 to 17:00 hrs, Friday: From 09:00 to 16:00 hrs, CET)

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Whom may I contact for organisational questions?

For any organisational question please get in contact with the training center where the face-to-face training takes place and where you registered for the course.

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Whom may I contact for any professional or technical questions regarding the course content?

For any functional question please contact the course lecturer by email or the other course participants. After your registration all necessary contact data is at your disposal.

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Will I receive a certificate of participation for my courses?

Yes, you will receive a certificate of participation from the training center at the end of the residential courses.

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Do I have to pass an exam?

This depends on the type of course and the lecturer responsible for this training. Please consult the lecturer or the training center where the course is at.

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Is my data safe at physiofortbildung?

We take the protection of your data very seriously and strictly follow Thieme's data protection provisions. Read more about it here.

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What does online learning, e-learning and blended learning mean?

E-learning is an abbreviation for "electronic learning" and describes electronically supported learning methods. The term is not used in a uniform manner. Most of the time it refers to learning with a computer where the transportation of the learning content (including exercises, videos and animations) takes place.

Online learning is a special form of e-learning and describes learning with learning software available on the Internet (not via a CD-ROM, locally on the PC).

Blended learning combines residential learning with e-learning, so that the advantages of both methods can be used complementarily. Thus, examination and treament techniques can be practically learned in a residential course and be watched in a video in a e-learning course to deepen the learners' knowledge.

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Page presentation and navigation tree on the left

The width of the navigation tree can be adjusted: Click on the right border and drag it to the desired position.

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Organisation of your virtual "desk"

You can take notes for every courses that are displayed on the Home page in your virtual "desk".

To write down a note click on "Note" in the course's navigation tree. A window opens that offers the possibility to "edit". Click on it and write down your note in the empty text field. After saving the note will be added to your desktop below the corresponding course title.

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Media center

The media center lists all media associated with courses you are registered for. Thus you can specifically search for videos or documents and watch them.

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Communication amongst each other

In the "forum" you can publish a message that is visible to all forum participants. The message remains there.

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You will be informed about new entries in your communication forums via "notification".

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The calendar publishes all appointments by the course lecturer such as examination dates. You as a learner are not allowed to add an entry to the calendar.

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The estimated duration for e-learning courses is indicated in the course details. The duration depends on the individual learning speed and may vary according to each learner.

You can invest as much time as you have: our courses are conceived in such a way that you are able to study and repeat learning content in smaller time units. Determine your own learning speed. Deepen your knowledge at those parts you are interested in.

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Interruption and Re-entering

After having interrupted a course it will restart at exactly the point where you left it. Thus, you can complete the whole course and divide the content according to your time and availability.

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Which technical requirements do I need for e-learning courses?

As an Internet software, physiofortbildung is completely independent from the operating system. That means, you can use physiofortbildung with Windows, Mac or Linux. For a smooth operation all you need is a current browser. The best possible results can be achieved with the following browsers:
Firefox 27.0 or newer version
Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 or newer version
with MacOSX, Safari or Firefox should be used.

Older browser versions are also possible, but an optimal use can be granted only for the listed versions. We recommend the use of Mozilla Firefox at least version 27.

physiofortbildung is a full online software. Therefore you need a permanent internet connection. Of course physiofortbildung is also available with a slow internet connection. However, to comfortably watch videos an internet connection with a speed of at least 1000 kBit/s (e.g. DSL) is required. A smooth watching of videos with ISDN or modem connection is not possible.

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We recommend to use Firefox, at least version 27, for an optimized presentation of the content on physiofortbildung. Other browsers may not correctly display the content.

To open PDF files you need Acrobat Reader (free download here). To watch animations you need Adobe Flash Player (free download here).